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DFR and Pro Oriente Foundation highlight the current situation of IDPs

DFR and Pro Oriente Foundation highlight the current situation of IDPs

Head of the KRG Department of Foreign received a delegation from the Austrian Pro-Oriente Foundation, led by Bishop Dr. Manfred Scheuer, to discuss the current situation of displaced Christian citizens in the Kurdistan Region and the future of the liberated areas after the defeat of the terrorists of ISIS.

Minister Mustafa, briefed the delegation on the KRG efforts to host, help and protect the internally displaced people who arrived in the Kurdistan Region after their areas were attacked and controlled by the terrorists of ISIS. He highlighted the KRG’s open door policy and sympathy with the victims of war and conflicts in Iraq. He also emphasized that the KRG strongly believes in diversity and peaceful coexistence among all the components of the society especially those who arrived in the Kurdistan Region seeking stability and protection.

The head of DFR renewed his call to all partners and allies to assist the Kurdistan Region as it struggles to cope with the large number of Iraqi IDPs and Syrian Refugees who currently live in the Kurdistan Region. He reiterated that the fight against terrorism should also include social, economic and ideological aspects.

From his side, Dr. Scheuer thanked and appreciated the KRG for hosting, helping and protecting the Christian IDPs and praised the equal treatment that all the people of Kurdistan Region is enjoying under the KRG regardless of religion and ethnicity.

Both sides exchanged views on the future of the newly liberated areas and reconciliation efforts to ensure a safer and better future for all.

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