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President Barzani Meets with Iraq’s Prime Minister and Other Officials in Baghdad

President Nechirvan Barzani held a meeting with Iraq’s Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ al-Sudani in Baghdad on the evening of April 27. The discussion primarily revolved around the overall situation in Iraq, with a particular focus on the efforts and progress made by the Iraqi Federal Government in the areas of public services and the betterment of citizens’ lives across the country.

Both leaders emphasized the significance of maintaining a constructive dialogue between the Federal Government of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, underscoring the importance of supporting the government’s endeavors both domestically and internationally. They also stressed the significance of strengthening relations between Erbil and Baghdad, emphasizing the need for continued backing from all Iraqi political parties.

Prime Minister Al-Sudani expressed his appreciation for President Nechirvan Barzani’s visits to Baghdad, recognizing their importance in addressing shared concerns. In turn, President Barzani commended the steps taken by Prime Minister Al-Sudani and his dedication to fostering dialogue between all factions in order to promote political stability in the country.

President Barzani also met with Iraq’s President Abdullatif Rashid and other officials.

List of all meetings in Baghdad:

Meeting with Prime Minister al-Sudani
Meeting with President Rashid
Meeting with Mohamed al Halbousi
Meeting with National Security Advisor Qasim al-Araji
Meeting with Acting Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohsen Mandalawi (auf Englisch)
Meeting with other Iraqi politicians (auf Englisch)