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7th Anniversary of the Yezidi Genocide

7th Anniversary of the Yezidi Genocide

The Kurdistan Regional Government released a statement commemorating the 7th anniversary of the Yazidi genocide in Shingal.

Today, seven years have passed since the massacre of Yazidis in Shingal and surrounding areas. This was conducted by ISIS terrorist group in a barbaric and inhuman way: killing and displacing thousands, and kidnapping many more.

The KRG works seriously on recognizing the massacre as a genocide, and on bringing the perpetrators to justice. The KRG will also increase its efforts toward the return of displaced Yazidis to their homeland.

On the anniversary of this tragedy, and with the help of its allies, the KRG will put in all effort to compensate the people of this region, and all victims of ISIS. The government will put everything into protecting this land, and the different ethnicities within it.

This enormous and unjust crime against our nation will forever remain in our memories.

Dr. Jotiar Adel
Spokesperson of Kurdistan Regional Government


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