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The Presidency is the highest executive office in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq . The President fulfils a range of legal, administrative and political tasks that are essential for the functioning of the Region’s government.

Above all, the President represents the people of the Region on both the international and national levels. He holds meetings with heads of state and government and coordinates the Kurdistan Region’s relations with the authorities of the federal government in Baghdad. Another central task of the President concerns the legislative process – all laws must be ratified by the President before being enacted.

The administration of the Presidency of the Kurdistan Region is called Diwan. The Diwan, divided into a number of general directorates, oversees the communication and cooperation between the Region’s President, the office of the Prime Minister and the Kurdistan Parliament. In addition, the Diwan is in charge of liaising with the federal authorities of Iraq.

Since 2005, the President is elected by secret popular ballot for an office term of four years with the option to run for a second term. The President is assisted by a Deputy President, who is elected by the Kurdistan Parliament.

The Presidency is currently held by Mr. Masoud Barzani. He was elected President in July 2009 by nearly 70% of all eligible voters in the Region. The current Deputy President is Mr. Kosrat Rasul Ali. The Diwan’s Chief of Staff is Dr. Fuad Hussein who has ministerial rank.