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Opening Ceremony of the Zawa Mountain Telepherique

Opening Ceremony of the Zawa Mountain Telepherique

Prime Minister Masrour Barzani delivered the following remarks at the opening ceremony of the Zawa Mountain Telepherique tourism project in Duhok.

“Zawa Mountain in Duhok is a popular tourist destination in Kurdistan, showcasing the region’s natural beauty. This project will not only benefit the people of Duhok by creating new jobs; it will also provide new opportunities for people to enjoy what our land has to offer.

“This project is one more example of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s ongoing efforts to diversify Kurdistan’s economy and strengthen its tourism sector.

“Despite the challenges we are facing, including a global pandemic, shrinking oil prices, and the lack of financial support from the Federal Government of Iraq, the Kurdistan Regional Government will continue to implement its reform agenda and invest in landmark projects that will strengthen its economy.

“The future of the Kurdistan Region is bright, and we are committed to ensuring its safety and prosperity as a choice investment destination in the region.”


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