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President Barzani visits injured in the Bakhdida fire incident

President Barzani visits injured in the Bakhdida fire incident

President Nechirvan Barzani visited those who were injured in the fire last night in Bakhdida (Al-Hamdaniya), receiving treatment at the Emergency Hospital in Erbil.

The President expressed his full support for the injured and victims of the accident, and his gratitude to the hospital staff and the Kurdistan Regional Government authorities who provided assistance to the wounded and affected.

After the visit, the President spoke at a press conference: “First of all, I want to extend my condolences to the families of these people. It was a great tragedy, a great humanitarian disaster. I want to thank the Ministry of Health of the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Governor of Erbil. I would like to thank the healthcare workers from the bottom of my heart, what I have seen here, the care they give to the patients, is truly a source of pride, a source of pride for all the people of the Kurdistan Region.”

“This is a great humanitarian tragedy. We must all stand with these brothers and sisters. May God grant them peace. In this context, I have spoken with the Iraqi Prime Minister today. He is very concerned and immediately sent the Minister of Interior and the Minister of Health to Mosul and they are coming here. We have asked them to conduct a serious investigation into this incident and to compensate the victims. Mr. Prime Minister in Baghdad, thankfully, takes this issue seriously and has promised to discuss it in the Council of Ministers and will do everything to alleviate the suffering of these people. I hope God grant them all peace. It is truly a great tragedy and we all pray that the patients will recover as soon as possible.”

“What I heard from the health workers of this hospital, the emergency hospital, is that we can treat them all here. Once again, I would like to thank these employees for the humanitarian work they have done. I would like to thank the Ministry of Health of the Kurdistan Regional Government, the Minister of Health and the Governor of Erbil for their work.”

“I would like to say that whatever is required for them, we will be at their service and carry it out. They are our loved ones and their suffering and the tragedy that has befallen them is shared and felt by all of us, the Kurdistan Region and the people of the region. We are all with them, heart and soul. We will all remain with them as they bear the pain they have suffered today. May God grant them strength and perseverance.”

The President and Prime Minister Masrour Barzani both released statements of condolences.

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