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Entry Requirements to Kurdistan (Visa Regulations)

Entry Requirements to Kurdistan (Visa Regulations)

Due to the current situation, visa applications can not be processed.

.بە هوی بارودۆخی ئێستای پەتای کۆڕۆنا  پرۆسەی ڤیزا ڕاگیراوە

Austrian nationals can obtain a free-of-charge visa on arrival in the Kurdistan Region, which is valid for 30 days. This provision also applies to the following nationalities:

Europe: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta , Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Croatia

Other: Australia, Brasil, Canada, Japan, Kuwait, New Zealand, Qatar, South Korea, Turkey, USA, UAE

All other nationals (for example Kurds from Syria) are required to obtain a visa prior to travelling to the Region.

IMPORTANT: Only people living in Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic can apply for a visa at our office. If your country is not listed, please use this link to find the closest KRG Representation abroad to apply for a visa.



STEP 1 – Fill out the visa application online at


  • Each person, including children, must fill out an online application.
  • People under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian apply for them.
  • Fill the form out in Latin alphabet (no Arabic script).
  • Review your application before you click “submit”. Mistakes will delay your visa.
  • You cannot make a visa appointment without this completed online form.
  • Before filling out the form, you must have the digital copy of these documents on your device:
    • Passport-sized photo (no older than 6 months)
    • Passport (with over 6 months validity)
    • Flight tickets to Kurdistan
    • Proof of address (Meldezettel)
    • Residence permit (if requested)
    • The father’s passport for children under 18 years old


STEP 2 – Payment of processing fees


  • You have two options:
    • You pay online via PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can register here.
    • You send the money to the KRG Austria Representation per post.
  • Please note, that the payment per post could lead to longer processing times.
  • Do not forget to specify your name and your passport number with the payment.


STEP 3 – We will contact you as soon as your payment has arrive


  • We will contact you in order to make an online appointment.
  • Please do not call us during the processing time.


STEP 4 – We will call you via WhatsApp Video-Chat


  • On the day of the appointment, please receive the call in a quiet place.
  • You must have your passport at hand.
  • All the people who have applied for a visa must be present during the video call.


STEP 5 – We will send you the visa via email


  • When you fill out the form, specify your personal e-mail address. It should only be accessible by you.
  • The processing of your visa can take up to 14 days. Please do not call us during this processing time.
  • Your visa is a one-time entry, valid for 30 days within a 90-day period.


If you have further questions regarding the visa application, please contact us at:


IMPORTANT: Please note you cannot enter the rest of Iraq with this visa. Our office does not issue visas or passports for the Republic of Iraq. For this purpose, please contact the Embassy of Iraq in Vienna.